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MS combines 30 years of security, project management and technology innovation to design, train and implement the best possible solutions to mitigate all possible Port Facility and Terminal Risks. We can customize any security plan within ISPS guidelines to cater to the special needs of each Port Facility Project taking into consideration the Geographical, National and Economical Perspective. Although all Port Facility and Terminal Security Plans must be approved by the designated authorities, MS aims to develop a practical, compatible and realistic plan in order to be fully understood and executed by the security staff and satisfy ongoing Audit Processes.

MS Port Security

MS has assisted in the design and compliance of two European Union National Port Authorities in accordance with the IMO ISPS Code. Services offered in:

  • Perimeter & Gate Security

  • Port Facility Security Assessment & Plan

  • Restricted Zone Management

  • Passenger Control and Screening

  • Vehicle Control and Screening

  • Freight Control and Screening

  • Training Modules of Port Facility and Terminal Officers and Staff in compliance with ISPS

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