The Grievance Policy is an important pillar in the quality management system of the company. The policy aims to ensure that employees or external stakeholders and interested parties with a grievance relating to the company’s actions or lack of actions have access to a simple and effective procedure, which can help resolve grievances as quickly and as fairly as possible.

Grievance is a concern, problem or complaint that an employee or external stakeholder/interested party raises with the company. It may be related to any aspect of the relationship between the two, whether employment related, work practice, terms and conditions, health and safety, Human rights violations, working relationships or general treatment.

We aspire to implement a culture of openness and positive work environment where an individual associated with the company can feel that his/her interests are a priority for the company and any grievance raised will be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, it is our policy to treat every grievance raised in a serious and swift manner, and to keep the employee or external stakeholder/interested party informed of the status of the grievance and the outcome of the investigation.

For the sake of law abiding culture and overall transparency, we shall always cooperate with any official investigation, and will not participate in or tolerate from any of its Personnel, the impeding of witnesses, testimony or investigations.

This policy is under the responsibility of the compliance manager and should be reviewed annually.

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